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8 Weeks


'This or That' is one of its kind, experiential online platform for millennials and generation Z to easily and conveniently find and experience a wide range of genuine and hand-picked products exclusive from startups. We designed the e-commerce website that can help them stand out from other aggregators and serve the target users correctly. 

Amarsingh Bhagat, Umang Dedhia 
Intern: Ashutosh Vishwakarma
Illustrations by Yadnyee Shingre

Our responsibilities included defining scope, managing project, user research, ideating concepts, wireframing, iterating on feedback, designing system, coordinating with developers

Methods Used
Competitive & Comparative Analysis, Business Analysis, User Persona, User Flow, Site Map, System Design, Information Architecture

Tools, Figma, Google Suite


For consumers:
To create an experiential e-
commerce platform that makes discovery of new brands & products easy and provides easy navigation.

For Brands:
Give the start-ups of India a level playing field to market and sell their products on the website


A fresh design with new approach
We provided a solution that allows users visually explore hand picked products from start-ups so that they do not need find brands on social media and contact one by one. So, we designed a fresh new website that lets the user easily navigate between the range of products and category available, view trendy and popular products, and quickly know the brand they like.

Here’s what the website looks



We wanted to give importance to brand's intersting proposition and unique products. Large product images with USPs and brand space made the website's browsing experience interesting for users. 

Product Listing Page


Through our user personas and study, we learned that user's read all informations related to product and brand's story carefully before making a choice to buy. So we included a details and brand's story upfront that allows users to quickly access the information they needed to make a purchase decison.

Product Detail Page


Cart View


Design System

We created a design system that would not only build the consistency but also save time for the client as they build new features. This will improve the overall process and experience for the website.


Research Process

In order to bring the better experience and to match the business proposition, the initial research helped us get the right insights on user behaviour, target groups and the structure of the website from consumer and brand point of view.

We started with the aggregator e-commerce analysis and brand e-commerce analysis measuring against various criterias like easy of use, performance, brand, goal or business focused etc.

We identified two major user groups


Later we defined 2 major user personas as core consumer for the website.


Based on the personas, user flow helped us identify the core structure and category segregation.


We built the full set of detailed wireframes to finalise the strcuture and user journey across all the pages. 


Next Steps & Metrics


Here are one of few metrics that should be tracked to measure the performance of This or That website:

1. Understanding the average order value (AOV)
2. Tracking the customer retentaion rate (CRR)
3. Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate to understand the performance while making a purchase and resons behind low conversions
4. User onsite activities on the website and their behaviour 
5. Bounce rate of the website

Next  Steps

Making improvements based on the reports from first release
I'd definitely dig in user behviour and key metrics of the first release of website and make necessary improvements to increase conversion rate and retention rate.

Expanding to new platforms
An iOS and android app for This or That would be a clear next step. This would help user ease buying experience and client get the better insights.  


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