Wet Grass Films Website Design

Wet Grass Films is a broadcasting and media production company who provides end to end film production services and make awesome fiction, Non-Fiction, and Corporate videos. In 2014, they line produced short film RAM which is a tale of a 14-year-old who is desperate to lose his virginity and his struggle, got official selection at Short Film Corner Cannes Festival, Won Best Film and Best Director at Pune Short Film Festival. It also begged award for Best Film at Panchajayam International Film Festival and Best film again at 9180 Shortest Bengaluru.

We got an opportunity to design a website for them. Keeping overall layout and design minimal, we wanted to break the monotony of showing videos in tile and grid format. Small things like page transition and the Rolling reel animation when you click on any videos truly uplifts the website with ease, no matter which device you have.
Design Direction & Website Design by Umang Dedhia | Website Developed by Girish Mehta

Go Chemist

From qualified pharmacist to unique store design, Go Chemist is changing the paradigms the way you have bought your medicines. The pharmacist offers guidance and consultations to make you aware of the medications your doctors prescribe for you. The store offers a broad range of nutritional supplements, wellness products, female hygiene products, wide range of specialized premium skin-care products, baby care products along with an exceptional range of superior quality, modern tech self-diagnostic, lifestyle products & surgical equipment.

They approached us to design and develop a website for them and we wanted to align our designs with the same ideology. Unlike other chemist websites, we wanted to make visuals friendly, attractive and web site fast to load without being restrictive to any screen resolution.

Design by Umang Dedhia | Copy by Amal Gadkari | Development by Vijalesh Krishnan, Pranita Desai

LINC Education Branding & Website

We designed a brand identity and website for Singapore based company LINC Education. They provide bespoke education support services to help higher education institutions retain and grow their students online.

In education, it is very important for a student to bond well with a mentor. The perfect harmony nurture the students well and brings the confidence within. A student can only get a better experience when a mentor understands the problem and make him/her comfortable throughout. And ‘LINC’ provides the same. This concept depicts the link and creates the strong bond between tutor and student. It represents the fact that ‘LINC’ guides you through a complete learning experience.

Brand Identity designed by Shailja Doshi, Umang Dedhia | Website Designed by Umang Dedhia | Web Development by Vijalesh Krishnan, Pranita Desai

beGalieo Website & UI Redesign

beGalileo is an adaptive math learning platform for Students from Grade 1 to Grade 10. It personalizes the learning path based on the individual needs of the child and focuses on developing conceptual understanding. Teacher and Parent can track students activity, progress, and schedule test in real time.

We got an opportunity to completely redesign the brand’s web personality and user's experience with graphics, illustration, and fresh user interface. Though we had old designs of the website, we didn't want to get influence with structure and content as it wasn't aligning with the Target Audience. After the initial research, we started from the beginning which is structuring the information. Once our architecture of information was in place, we presented user flow and high fidelity wireframes of all sections. The involvement of the main users which is students, teachers, and parent on the website was our priority. We removed all complex functionalities, replaced it with easy to use dashboard and kept the UI simple yet playful for the users. All the designs were dynamic and responsive.

UI/UX Design by Umang Dedhia | Brand Personality and Voice set by Vanessa Rebello | Badges for students designed in collaboration with Prarthana Chudasama