Gramcover Brand Identity

Gramcover is a tech-enabled insurance marketplace for rural India. They are focused on development and brokerage of rural insurance products to farmers. They aim to reduce costs and increase penetration in rural areas by leveraging technology and innovative distribution approach.

We in collaboration with StudioCode designed a brand identity which resembles rural India and also captures the meaning of insurance. Having its presence in the rural sector we also created the brand mark in Devnagari so that every individual can understand the company and its values.

Designed by Amrita Dasgupta & Umang Dedhia

Throughout the process of concept exploration, we also abstracted ideas like Shelter, Agriculture, Growth and Safety into basic recognisable forms and used those to create the line drawings. We kept the abstracted form nebulous enough for the viewer to imagine other visual metaphors as well - technology and movement among others.

We also worked on Spatial Design for the Gramcover office. For the purposes of maximum effect with minimum work, we proposed design interventions along walls to continue the brand identity through the office space - Interior Office and Conference Room.

Our idea was simple - Walk with a line. Single continuous line with vignette Illustrations to show all the safety and insurance services covered by Gramcover - home, crops, horticulture, tractor and equipment, farmer health and fire safety, cattle, etc.

Furry Tales

Furry Tales is a platform aimed at providing a holistic approach to pet parenting with a strong emphasis on being the voice for the voiceless. It focuses on sharing & providing inspiration, articles, tips, lifestyle hacks & creates a community of like-minded people, who believe in the magic of the bond between a human & animal.

They also help run adoption and foster appeals for strays & abandoned pets. We created an identity which expresses all the values that the brand represents. The Compassion, that human-animal bond comes out beautifully through expressive typography. The Brand Colours gives a sense of warmth, joy and peace.

The founder, Pradeepa, has always been an avid animal lover. However, she only got the chance to experience it first hand, when she decided to start fostering. She started with, 1 and then 2, and then many more kittens. Three of them became foster fails by melting her heart, and she became theirs. She was able to introduce her own family to joys of having a furry friend in life and soon, her sister & brother in law adopted a stray from Blue Cross.

Fickle Brand Identity & Communication

'Fickle' is a radically new outlook towards dating in the digital age. The idea is to let dating through the app be anonymous till the user chose otherwise and thereby making the digital experience extremely safe! We wanted to convey the Anonymity, as one of the main features of Fickle to the brand identity. A person wearing a mask beautifully brings the anonymous factor and hence Fickle being a dating platform, we created a masquerade mask made out of two hearts tilted horizontally.
We knew we wanted to bring a wonderful app experience through the design so to the youths in their early twenties, who were to be Fickle's major users we created warm and vibrant color palette with quirky illustrations for communication which they can easily relate to.
Designed by Umang Dedhia

Fickle Collaterals and Ads for communication

LINC Education Branding & Website

We designed a brand identity and website for Singapore based company LINC Education. They provide bespoke education support services to help higher education institutions retain and grow their students online.

In education, it is very important for a student to bond well with a mentor. The perfect harmony nurture the students well and brings the confidence within. A student can only get a better experience when a mentor understands the problem and make him/her comfortable throughout. And ‘LINC’ provides the same. This concept depicts the link and creates the strong bond between tutor and student. It represents the fact that ‘LINC’ guides you through a complete learning experience.

Brand Identity designed by Shailja Doshi, Umang Dedhia | Website Designed by Umang Dedhia | Web Development by Vijalesh Krishnan, Pranita Desai