Furry Tales

Furry Tales is a platform aimed at providing a holistic approach to pet parenting with a strong emphasis on being the voice for the voiceless. It focuses on sharing & providing inspiration, articles, tips, lifestyle hacks & creates a community of like-minded people, who believe in the magic of the bond between a human & animal.

They also help run adoption and foster appeals for strays & abandoned pets. We created an identity which expresses all the values that the brand represents. The Compassion, that human-animal bond comes out beautifully through expressive typography. The Brand Colours gives a sense of warmth, joy and peace.

The founder, Pradeepa, has always been an avid animal lover. However, she only got the chance to experience it first hand, when she decided to start fostering. She started with, 1 and then 2, and then many more kittens. Three of them became foster fails by melting her heart, and she became theirs. She was able to introduce her own family to joys of having a furry friend in life and soon, her sister & brother in law adopted a stray from Blue Cross.