Fickle Brand Identity & Communication

'Fickle' is a radically new outlook towards dating in the digital age. The idea is to let dating through the app be anonymous till the user chose otherwise and thereby making the digital experience extremely safe! We wanted to convey the Anonymity, as one of the main features of Fickle to the brand identity. A person wearing a mask beautifully brings the anonymous factor and hence Fickle being a dating platform, we created a masquerade mask made out of two hearts tilted horizontally.
We knew we wanted to bring a wonderful app experience through the design so to the youths in their early twenties, who were to be Fickle's major users we created warm and vibrant color palette with quirky illustrations for communication which they can easily relate to.
Designed by Umang Dedhia

Fickle Collaterals and Ads for communication