Fickle Android & iOS App Design

In our world where we know that finding love is simple but not easy, our client approached us with a Fickle solution to the current dating scenario. 'Fickle' is a radically new outlook towards dating in the digital age.
The idea was to let dating through the app be anonymous till the user chose otherwise and thereby making the digital experience extremely safe!
Lovestruck by the idea, we made sure we helped them translate that thought into a wonderful app experience. While we designed its identity before creating the app, we realized that the extension of the design into a mobile canvas had to be vibrant and colorful. Not only did it resonate with the fun nature of the app, but it also very well described the youths in their early twenties, who were to be Fickle's major users. Throughout our design process, our focus was on shifting the hype away from the user's profile picture onto more realistic aspects of the user like his/her likes dislikes and compatibility. Scroll down as we take you through the entire process of how we brought this digital cupid, called Fickle to life.
UX Design by Umang Dedhia in collaboration with Maarif Haque | UI Design by Umang Dedhia | Motion Graphic Design by Deependra Gaharwar